Lawton vandals use pellet guns to damage property

Some Lawton residents are upset because they woke up with a big mess on their hands - broken windows.  Lawton Police have eight reports of damage to resident's property and they believe there were more who had broken car windows that failed to report damage to authorities.

Some victims preferred to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation but they're mad and they want the vandals caught.  One victim says he's had it because the culprits hit two of his cars.  "They just go out riding around and shoot for the fun of it," he says.  "They don't care what they hit."

Donald Kane is one of the victims as well.  "Since the car next door up here got hit too, I don't think it's just someone after me," he says.  "It's someone riding around in a car shooting."  He says ever car that was hit on his street was parked on the right hand side.  "So it must have been someone riding in a car [the passenger side]," Kane says.  Police Chief Ronnie Smith agrees.

"They don't realize, they bust out a window and think it's funny.  But it's expensive, it's time consuming and everything else," says Smith.  One homeowner says what's frustrating is that his windows are broken through and since they're shattered, he'll have to replace both.  "When you go pay $600-$700 dollars for a window, it's not funny," says Smith.  "We don't think its funny - but if we catch them, it won't be a joke."

And, if it's childish vandalism, Chief Smith cautions parents to be mindful of where their kids are.  "If you don't know where your kids are at, you need to find out because if they are under the age of 18, you as a parent could be responsible for these damages," he says.

Police would like you to keep your eyes open and if you see or know of anything involving this type of vandalism, please give Lawton Police a call.  Or, you can also call Crimestoppers at 580-355-INFO.  Anyone who gives tips that result in an arrest may receive a cash reward.