WWII Vet beaten, left for dead on Veteran's Day - UPDATE

Frederick_In a chilling account, an 83 year old Frederick man tells of how he was beaten, robbed and left to die in his own home.  On top of it all, he's a World War II Veteran and it happened on Veteran's Day.  The depictions are graphic and may shock the senses - it's obvious the man has been brutally beaten.

Cam Finley is recovering at Frederick Memorial Hospital, but his injuries are quite severe - stitches and bruises cover his face, a broken nose, a welt on the side of his head.  His friend says it's a miracle he's alive.  And what remains on everyone's mind is - who could do such a thing?

Yesterday Finley's eyes were so swollen shut he couldn't even see.  Now, he can see out of his right eye and says he just wants the horrible people who did this to him behind bars.  On a day when we honor those fighting and those who fought for our country, it's a crime that's unimaginable.  To rob, beat and leave an 83 year old man on the floor to die.

But, Cam Finley lived to tell what happened.  "They came to the door, one of them had on a ski mask, pushed their way in, pushed me up against the wall and started beating the hell out of me," he says.  "They kicked me some and they got me down, tried to kill me I guess."

While he lay on the floor, the ransacked his bedroom but all they escaped with was a mere $75.  "Took all my money, took my cell phone, took the cordless phone and left me with no way to call out," says Cam.  The intruders left him unconscious and after six hours of bleeding on the floor, he managed to crawl to a phone and call 911.  While 7News was visiting Cam he said the police have some leads.  "I hope that the guys they got are the guys that did this - one of them was tall and blonde headed," says Finley.

His friend Tracie worries they may still be on the streets.  "He's afraid for his life because they left him for dead, and they may come back to finish the job," she says.  "So, I know he's going to have a hard time coming back into his home."

The Frederick Police Department say they have two suspects in jail on unrelated charges - a male and a female.  Unfortunately, his friend Tracie says the description Finley has given doesn't match either of those in custody.  Police have been interviewing others - but, so far no charges have been filed.

If you have any information please contact the Frederick Police Department at 580-335-7503.  7News will be sure to keep you updated.

If you'd like to help, donations may be mailed to Fort Sill National Bank, P.O. Box 33-009, Fort Sill, OK 73503.  Mark donations for the Cam Finley Account.