New video phone connects in real time

Lawton_There were 60 businesses all under one roof Wednesday in Lawton's "Parade of Trade".  The Great Plains Coliseum was packed with vendors from the Lawton/Fort Sill area showcasing their services.  But, one vendor in particular caught the eye of some soldiers and their families.  They were eyeing a new video phone that brings phone service into the digital age.

The phone costs $195 plus $25 per month for the service; and all that's needed is a DSL internet connection.  That's the rate per month to call Lawton, Dallas and even Iraq - and you get to see the person you're talking to.  Of course, another video phone is needed to complete the connection, but if the person on the other end of the line doesn't have one - it still works like a regular phone.

Lola Neasbitt and her family come to the Parade of Trade every year where vendors from the Great Plains Technology Center, Journey Production and more show their best.  "Always glad to see what's new, she says.  "There's usually different things to see...just check things out."  She was particularly interested in this new phone.  "I think that looks really neat. I would love to be able to use that."

The Globalinx Video Phone replaces a home phone and adds video - all over a cable internet connection.  But, the difference between this phone and a regular webcam is significant - there's no delay.  The signal is sent real time between those talking.  And, that's great news for our deployed military troops.

"These phones will work over in Iraq.  A soldier can take this phone to Iraq, plug a DSL line in, talk to his family and see his kids at home.  So it keeps you connected," says Metro Audio and Visuals CEO Kenneth Grooms.  It's a jump from the traditional - straight into the future.  "Phone service is the last technology to move digital.  It's going to happen with or without us," he says.  "So it's coming.  And that phone is a future look at most homes."

Neasbitt thinks it's a great idea right now, especially with soldiers away from home during the holidays.  "That would be so nice for the dads or moms that are not a home to watch their babies open up their presents.  That would be so neat," she says.