Lawton pellet gun vandals continue auto assaults

Lawton_More Lawton residents are picking up the pieces - car glass window pieces, that is.  Tuesday 7News told you about cars being vandalized in a West Lawton neighborhood.  Now, police say several other cars had their car windows smashed in the past 48 hours.  They've wreaked havoc in wide strike zones from West 45th, back East and all the way to 11th and New York South of Lee.

Authorities have no suspects at this time and they're asking every Lawtonian to keep their eyes open.  They say someone has to know something, and sooner or later the vandals will slip.  BB guns or pellet guns aren't that loud - so you may not actually hear any shots being fired.  It's important to pay attention after dark while outside and be on the lookout.  After all, it may be your car that's vandalized next.

Police Chief Ronnie Smith says if you don't know where your kids are after dark - you need to find out now.  Because, if kids are involved, when they catch the vandals and they're under 18 - their parents will be held responsible and have to pay for damages or any other fines incurred.  "It's not funny," says Smith.  "It's expensive and we will prosecute fully when we catch these people."

Steve Livingston was the only recent victim willing to identify himself and says he's so upset he could pull his hair out.  "I'm a little mad," he says.  "If I catch them I would like to take care of it myself," he laughed.  "I know we can't but it's an awful temptation."  Livingston says it's not the first time criminals have broken his windows and now they're even hitting cars outside of his business.

Livingston says it's probably just kids joyriding who are bored.  But, even so, he wants them caught.  "I think they should humiliate them, chain gang them so everyone and town knows there a vandal and tearing peoples stuff up," he says.  His comment may seem harsh, but he says to put yourself in his shoes - or any of the other victims this past week.

And, Livingston has a more practical suggestion, too.  "Well call the police if you see a tag number or vehicle in the area," he says.  "They should just write that tag number down because a lot of times if police can just get a tag number that gives them a little more lead on tracking somebody down."  Many of the victims say they are already out several hundred dollars and are scared that if they go on the record the vandals will come back and add insult to injury.

Police say if you've been vandalized in the last 48 hours and have yet to file a report, you should give police a call.  And, if you have any information regarding these incidents, call Crimestoppers at 580-355-INFO, you could receive a cash reward.