Product promises to stop fire, delivers

Burkburnett firefighters have discovered a product that could save your life, your property and a lot of money.  A firefighter at the Burkburnett Fire Department discovered it earlier this year and now he's spreading the word about the product "No Burn" throughout Texoma.

It's a flame retardant chemical you can put on wood, walls and even furniture.  If it should catch fire it may burn - but, not for long.  The product keeps the flames from spreading which is usually how fires consume homes in a matter of minutes.  But, does it really work?

7News and local firefighters saw the product in action and the evidence is pretty undisputable - it literally stopped a fire right before their eyes.  Three small wood dog houses - all constructed the same - two were sprayed with "No Burn", one with the product sprayed directly on the wood, the other in the form of paint.  Within seconds of lighting newspaper on fire inside the houses, the two with "No Burn" on them do just that - they stop burning.

As for the other house, it's rapidly engulfed in flames.  Firefighter Scott Hayter couldn't believe what he was seeing the first time he experienced this demonstration.  "I thought, wow, that's unbelievable," he says.  That's when he says he decided to start selling the product locally.

"It can save firefighters lives; keep them from being in a building collapse," says Hayter.  "It can give families time to get out of their house and time for firefighters to get there to put it out."  It also works on fabric.  During the demonstration a rag was swallowed by flames and within minutes, the only thing left was the stick it was hanging on.  As for the rag with "No Burn", it turned black when it met the flame from the torch, but did not catch fire.  And, it goes out on its own.

Hayter says the product has been around for about ten years.  He says builders should use it on wood framing - especially in attics.  He believes it would have stopped a fire that wiped out a convenience store in Burkburnett last week.  "It intumesces," he says.  "Which is a big fancy word for it gets hot, it foams up and forms a barrier on the wood and keeps it from burning further."

Hayter says insurance companies love the product and are even offering discounts to builders and homeowners who use it.  When it comes to industrial use, he says "No Burn" can even eliminate the need for sprinkler systems which could save thousands of dollars.  The cost depends on the product, but Hayter says it typically costs around $1-$2 per square foot of area covered.