Frederick Veteran recovering; one suspect behind bars

Frederick_Cam Finley, an 83 year old WW II Veteran who was robbed, beaten, and left to die is recovering in his home after shocking physical abuse at the hands of intruders.  The brutal home invasion happened on Veteran's Day and now, there has been an arrest.

37 year old Shawn Nicholson - also of Frederick - is in custody Tuesday.  And, the sad thing is, Cam knows him - in fact, he lives right around the corner.  Nicholson has even mowed Cam's lawn before.

It's hard to imagine someone so severely beating their 83 year old neighbor.  But, although Finley didn't get a clear look at his assaulter, he was able to describe a couple of features as he was in the hospital recovering.  "One of them was tall and blonde headed, that's all i can tell you," he said.

Nicholson meets Finley's description - 5'11" with dirty blond hair.  Police believe he pushed his way into Finley's home, beating and robbing him.  Monday, Nicholson's bond was set at $100,000.  Now, he sits in the Tillman County Jail awaiting his initial appearance on Monday, November 26 on charges of first degree burglary and assault and battery.

Frederick Police Chief Rick Gwill says his charges are compounded since Nicholson is a convicted felon.  Nicholson and his roommates live on East Diamond Avenue in Frederick - three houses down from Finley.  One roommate preferred to remain anonymous, but says the charges against Nicholson aren't enough.

Across the street, Nicholson's neighbor Lawrence Allgood says the man is a drug and alcohol abuser.  "There's nobody that deserves that, even my worst enemy I wouldn't do them like that," he says.

Police say they have two others in custody for questioning.  "They all live in the same house, like I said three houses down from Mr. Finley," says Gwill.  And police aren't stopping there - there's still a possibility others were involved.  Gwill says his officers are working hard to bring them to justice.  "Long hours this past week and they're still going to work some more on it because they have compassion toward an 83-year-old man," he says.

Finley was released from the hospital Monday and continues to rest at home.  But, his friend Tracie says some good has come out of all this.  She says so many people have offered their support to Cam.  Command Sergeant Jeff Powell and his battalion raised $700 and another man drove from Altus after seeing our story - just to give Cam a check for $75.

The Frederick Police Department is keeping this case open until those responsible are apprehended.