Cavalry and Great Plains Coliseum first home game

Lawton_For almost 30 years the Great Plains Coliseum has appeared pretty much the same - but, no more.  The Cavalry have arrived, and the building is going through changes.  For years, the Cavalry were an Oklahoma City institution but now, their home is in Lawton and they're ready to start their first game.

The biggest change - seating.  No more outdated, uncomfortable aluminum seats.  Now, it has stadium seats.  And, although the project was estimated to take three weeks the crew made it happen in just two days, along with other last minute changes.  The floor is getting a touch up, sponsor signs getting hung and the technical crew did a walk through.

About $350,000, so far, has been put into renovations.  Upgrades like brighter lighting, painting the walls and 1,000 more seats than it used to house.  VIP box seating has been added around the floor and the players have a brand new locker room loaded with their uniforms so they're ready to go.

After announcing the teams move to Lawton in July, they had training camps a draft and are now tipping off a new era in their history.  The CBA is a minor league with players, who for one reason or another, haven't made it to the NBA.  It's a professional league and a lot of the guys have played in Europe or other leagues across the US.

Baron Hopgood says there's definitely excitement in the air with this first home game and all he and the rest of the Cavalry needs now is for the fans to show up and cheer them on.