McVeigh's lawyer donated large defense file to UT

Austin_Stashed in 700 feet of boxes tucked away at the University of Texas at Austin lies a detailed look at the case of Timothy McVeigh.  He's the gulf war veteran executed in 2001 for bombing the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Mcveigh Lead Counsel Stephen Jones of Enid, Oklahoma, donated transcripts, FBI reports, correspondence, videotapes and other materials to UT a few years ago.  But the archive didn't become public until a federal court ruled this month that Jones couldn't claim a charitable tax deduction for the gift.

The archive sits in the University's Center for American History. It's a likely treasure trove for academic researchers, conspiracy theorists and others who are curious about the April 1995 bombing that killed 168 people.

The files includes defense materials as well as copies of prosecution materials that were shared with McVeigh's lawyers.


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