Salvation Army Thanksgiving Day dinner

Lawton_Turkey, dressing, pecan pie and all the fixin's.  It's the traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner, but some people don't have any family and some don't have a home to enjoy it in.  That's why the Lawton Salvation Army has been busy all week - getting ready for the big day.  They're making sure those without have somewhere to go and something good to eat for the holiday.

Last year they had over 150 that came for dinner.  This year they're hoping to beat that and so they're cooking for 200.  Marshall Powell is busy getting the turkeys ready for Thanksgiving Day.  "There's a lot of people in town that may not be as fortunate as others and everybody should have a good thanksgiving dinner and that's where we come in," he says.  And, he says it makes him feel good that he is able to help.

He's not the only one helping this year.  Over 40 volunteers have signed up to help out.  It's taken a month to get everything ready - getting supplies, calling volunteers, and, of course, cooking.  And, Lawton Salvation Army Captain John Murphey says it's worth it.  "So, it's very important for us, not just to feed a meal, but then also to do a nice thanksgiving meal, for those in the community that would be sitting at home alone during this time," he says.

It's not just dinner they're serving, either.  "It is a chance to sit down outside of the situation that they're coming from," says Murphey.  "Sit down somewhere else and meet with individuals and have a very good meal.  So it's more than physical food as well.  It lifts their spirits to be able to come here and have that fellowship and that food in a different setting."

You would think a dinner for this many people would be really expensive, but it really isn't.  "We have so many people that stop by and bring turkeys or bring hams, so the amount of money that it actually costs is not real significant for us because a lot of people donate those items," says Murphey.

The Thanksgiving dining hall will soon be filled with people that have no other place to go.  But, Captain Murphey says they'll leave with a full stomach and a warm heart.  He says it's important that we remember those in need - especially during the holidays.  "We realize while the rest of the community is sitting together with family having a wonderful meal, there are those out there that don't have that opportunity," he says.

Dinner is on Thanksgiving Day from 2-4pm.  And it's not too late to volunteer - call 580-355-1802 for more information.