Homeless seeking shelter as cold creeps in

Lawton_While many of us will be turning into our warm beds as our first freeze approaches, others will be lucky to find a place to stay warm at all - and, Lawton only has two homeless shelters - the Carter Crane Shelter and the Salvation Army.

Up until now they've had room, but with temperatures dropping they expect any vacancies they have fill up quickly.  7News found a man who will be among those looking for shelter tonight - Maxie Tawkoyty.  "Wing and a prayer - that's all I know," he says.  I don't know where I'm gonna go tonight, I'll have to find an empty car somewhere to sleep."

Tawkoyty is no stranger to the streets.  He's been homeless off and on for nearly 15 years.  And, he joined others in the park who shared the same misfortune - with only one bag in his possession.  He struggles to find shelter daily and tonight's cold weather could have fared badly for him had he not got one of the last spots at the Salvation Army.

Linda Daniels says the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter hopes to provide a place for those in need - and it's been surprisingly slow this year.  But, with temperatures dropping, they will have to stretch their normal housing capacity of 29.  "When it drops below 40 degrees, we can put mats on the ground," she says.  That way no one will be turned away.

Its Thanksgiving tomorrow and Daniels hopes to extend the accommodation as much as possible.  It will be one less worry for those who need help this Thanksgiving.  "I don't like being like this," says Tawkoyty.  "But, I'm happy Thanksgiving is going on tomorrow.  I have two places to eat - I'll get a belly full."  And he says he won't have to worry about starving.

Tawkoyty is also disabled so every day is a different struggle.  But, thanks to organizations like the Salvation Army - he's able to find some temporary comfort.  "I just pray the good man upstairs helps me make it through the day and the night," he says.  "And find me a place to sleep and keep me warm."  Tawkoyty's prayers have been answered this holiday.

The Lawton Salvation Army Shelter houses adults down on their luck.  Those who need a place to stay for the time being can stay there for 60 days, with some exceptions if the need arises.  The Carter Crane Home also has room for the night.  Both shelters do expect to fill up fast because of the weather.  But, they're open 24 hours and take walk ins.