Lawton cab driver robbed

Lawton_A Lawton cab driver was robbed at gunpoint Thanksgiving eve just before midnight.  The Triple A driver went out on a call and picked up two riders.  They held him at gunpoint, took his money and escaped in a passing car.  The cabbie followed the fleeing vehicle, but the suspects soon noticed they were being followed.  They jumped out of the getaway car and fled before police arrived.

No suspects are in custody, but Lawton Police say they have a pretty good idea of who they are looking for.  Detective Roberto Peralta says one of the suspects pointed a gun at the cab driver's head and demanded his money.  It all happened just blocks away from the cab company, and the amount of money they escaped with is undisclosed.

Peralta says the victim of the robbery called dispatch and asked for police while he tailed the robbers.  Police aren't sure if the car the suspects escaped in was a planned getaway car or if it was flagged down - as of now, the driver is claiming he was kidnapped for a short time.  Police plan to administer a polygraph test.

No one was hurt in the robbery and the two suspects have not been seen since.  They are considered armed and dangerous.  Lawton Police say the witnesses didn't get a good look at the two suspects but know that both were male, one African American and one Caucasian.  If you know anything about this robbery, call Lawton Crimestoppers at 580-355-INFO.