Locals 'shop it out' despite economy blues

Lawton_It's no secret that the economic outlook in the United States has not been looking so good.  And, it seems like every day more people are complaining about the climbing gas prices.  7News has been keeping you updated and Thursday night we wanted to know what viewers would be spending this holiday - more or less?

Viewers responded to our Talkback Texoma question and more than 80% of those who participated in the poll said they would absolutely be spending less this year.

But, did those out shopping spend less on Black Friday because of the sluggish economy?  7News hit the streets to find out.  We found that the majority may have been thinking about what they should do, but, they didn't actually do it - instead, they went shopping.  Shopper after shopper was trying to find a way to make it work, and get all of their shopping done.

One shopper says she needs winter clothes and always loves shoes, so she'll find a way to purchase what's on her list.  And Cherlyn Fletcher is looking for big bargains as well as getting in the holiday spirit.  She says it doesn't matter how high gas prices rise, she'll keep that holiday spirit going.  "I have to - I have kids," she says.

Some say they'll still spend the same amount, but maybe this year it will be four presents instead of five.  Ronnie Watson says he'd been up and out for hours shopping for Grandkids that can't be disappointed.  But, he let his wife do the shopping.  "I just furnish the finances," he said with a chuckle.  He showed 7News his van packed with shopping bags and say they think they may have outdone themselves - they may have spent more this year than last.

The hottest holiday items on shopper's lists - electronics.  Flat screen TVs, iPods and digital cameras were at the top of everyone's list.