UPDATE: Burglar hits Gert's Pub and Grub

Lawton_Although photos are black and white and 7News' copies are a bit grainy, police say you can make out two suspects wearing gloves and masks - one white and one a Halloween mask and both wearing black and white.   A regular at Gert's Pub & Grup says Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day of giving ... Not taking.  But that wasn't the case Thursday morning.

Police say someone broke in and stole more than $5,000.  Along with that, they damaged a computer monitor and broke out the glass in the back door causing at least another thousand dollars worth of damage.   The owner and investigators are not sure what time it happened, but think it was between four and ten in the morning Thanksgiving Day.

There are no suspects yet, but that could change when they get their  surveillance video back.
With cameras all over the building, inside and out, there's a good chance one of them caught the culprit.

The night before Thanksgiving is the second busiest night of the year for the pub and they had just gotten their liquor license that morning, so the night had gone really well.  Owner Dave Kerbo knew the banks weren't open  Thanksgiving morning and he planned on taking care of financial matters early Friday morning.

But it was too late, someone had thrown this rock through the back door, shattering the glass.
Once inside the theif beelined for the cash.  The office area was ransacked and the money stolen.  But, Gert's is equipped with 16 digital cameras, one of them directly over the broken in door. 

Although the computer monitor was damaged - the culprit didn't damage the tower that holds the surveillance data - which is now being studied by authorities.  "We have digital images being downloaded in Oklahoma City right now on CDs for the Lawton Police Department," says Kerbo.

Kerbo hopes these images will catch the person responsible.  As a new owner he's just getting his feet on the ground.  And this whole incident has left him frustrated.  "We put a lot of blood and sweat into this place to really get it going," he says.  And this happens... Being Thanksgiving and it was just... you never expect that."

They're expecting that surveillance video back soon and Kerbo says if Gerts or the LPD can't identify the burglar they'll be sure to get the images to us at 7News.
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