Comanche County Courthouse's mystery water tank

Lawton_A commotion, Wednesday, shut down the Comanche County Courthouse.  At first workers trying to get to the root of the problem thought it was a water main break.  But, they discovered a water tank that no one knew even existed.

No one knows where it came from or who put it there, but it was a hot topic at Monday mornings County Commissioners meeting.  "Nobody seems to know exactly how the water tank happened or what the purpose of it was," says Commissioner Kirby.  But, he has some theories.

"I secretly some 35 years ago discovered that there was gold seeping down from the Wichita Mountains consequently I had them install a trap to a 2,000 gallon tank here at the courthouse," he says.  He says at the time of the emergency he managed to get is gold out.  "Therefore next week this office will be returning to Guadalajara ... so happy tacos to you," he says.

Well ...maybe not, but he has another brilliant theory.  "Well there was a lot of jokes going around the courthouse like we planned to have the water break and it was a very expensive break so that we could have an extra half day off before the holidays," he says.

Neither were the case, but the real reason behind the mystery water tank is somewhat up in the air.  "We imagine that when the courthouse was built, the new courthouse was built, it was for emergency purposes for the courthouse," he says.  However, since it's at least 35 years old, there's no real reason to use it anymore.

So, fantastic theories aside, no one knows where it came from or why it was used - but one thing's for sure - they don't need it any more.