Christmas Angels Care Tree

Lawton_It's the time of year when we think about giving - and it's usually about giving to kids.  Charities all over Texoma are gearing up to collect toys, clothes and money for needy children.  But, one Lawton business wants to help a group they say is often forgotten this time of year - senior citizens.

The Angels Care Home Health helps senior citizens every day with their physical and medical needs.  Now, they want to help make their holiday extra special.  Their brand new program, The Senior Citizens' Christmas Angels Care Tree may help the group do just that.  "I had one lady already who I talked to on the phone and she just almost made me cry so you know, she was just so excited about it because she doesn't get very much help," says their Marketing Director Lennetta Davenport.

"We're wanting to get some gifts and get it out there so they'll have something at Christmas time," says Davenport.  They're asking seniors to fill out cards with five things they want for Christmas and then people can come to the office, pick up a card and give a little Christmas cheer to someone in need.  "A lot of them are asking for pajamas, they're asking for body products, lotion," she says.  "Anything they can get for the senior citizens that they can't get for themselves will save a lot of heartache."

Jimmie Marion has been using the Home Health Service for six months and there's just one thing he wants for Christmas this year.  "Good Health...that's all I can think that I would really like to have," he says.  But, he says this is a great idea for others who may not have any family near this time of year.  "I think it's a good program and I hope it gets a lot of support," he says.

Davenport says her favorite part of the new program will be seeing everyone's face when they get their gifts.  They're trying to get 300 people on the list, so if you know of someone who you would like to help, contact the Angels Care Home Health to sign them up.  They're located on West Gore Boulevard across the street from Eisenhower High School.  They will be open this Saturday from 10am to 2pm.