Hunters join the fight against hunger

Lawton_Some local hunters are using their sport to help those in need.  The Hunters Against Hunger program ensures needy families will have meat on the table for the holidays.  These hunters donate their deer to Lawton Meat Processing and once it's processed and packaged, they'll call up the food banks who distribute the meat to families in need.

It's still early in hunting season this year and they have only gotten about six or seven deer donated, but last year hunters donated almost 600 pounds of meat to families in need.  Most of us think of guns, ammo and roughing it in the woods when we think about hunting.  But the Hunters Against Hunger program brings out the softer side of hunters.

Hunter Ted Evans says he's happy to donate two deer this season.  "Had plenty of success, you know, me and my boys, and we have plenty so we figured we'd donate it to somebody who didn't have any," he says.  Along with the deer Evans also chipped in $90 to cover processing fees.  "Just think it's a great deal that the wildlife department put it together and that I have an opportunity to participate in it," he says.

Cacilia Scott owns Lawton Meat Processing where Evans brought his deer.  She says hunters fill out a form and are asked to donate at least ten dollars.  "Then the organization gives me $45 for each deer and I donate the rest," she says.

Scott has been doing this for about six years and is happy to help all she can.  "It's a great feeling to help people, I'm all for it and you know, if I were to be hungry, I would be glad if I would have a meal," she says.  And the hunters, it seems, feel the same way.  "We have quite a few hunters that usually donate at least once or twice a year, some of them even more," she says.

The program just keeps growing as more and more hunters learn how they can help.  And aside from the donated deer, Scott also makes other contributions - if a hunter drops something off and never picks it up, that meat also goes to the food bank.