Caddo County inmates uncomfortable, start riot

Lawton_Some Oklahoma state inmates started a disturbance inside the jailhouse in Caddo County Thursday night.  A number of small fires were set and the toilets were stuffed flooding the top floor of the jail in the Caddo County Courthouse.  County Sheriff Gene Cain says four inmates waiting for transfer started the riot.  They said they were upset because they had yet to be transferred to a Department of Corrections Facility.

No one was hurt but officials say it got pretty intense.  It happened just after 8:30pm and Sheriff Cain says this is the type of thing they expect in crowded conditions, which aren't expected to change any times soon.  A tax hike election to build a new jail failed just two weeks ago.

Once the disturbance began, prison clothing was stuffed into toilets flooding the jail and security cameras caught a fire started in one of the cells.  Cain says it's the crowded conditions that caused the mess.  "They get to fighting amongst themselves - discontent.  One gets to sleep in the bed and the other on the floor; it causes all kinds of problems," he says.

The overflowing toilets soaked inmate's mattresses and leaked into the kitchen pantry below.  Cain says they were burning anything they could get their hands on - books, bibles, and letters.  He says officers and their back up were able to bring everything back under control and everyone in the immediate area was detained in another area while a cleanup was underway.  All were back in their cells by 11:30pm.

Cain says whenever you have jail crowding, you can expect this to happen.  It's just a part of it," he says.  "You don't like it.  It's just one of the things we have to put up with - thankfully it came out no one was hurt and not that much damage.  Cain says at least 15 inmates had to be moved to other areas of the jail while their cells were being cleaned and repaired.  But, for the most part, everything is back to normal.

The Caddo County Jail is working to get the four who started the melee transferred a quickly as possible.