Texas Police hop to it to catch kangaroo

Lewisville, TX_Lewisville police had to hop to it to catch a kangaroo that fled from a veterinarian's yard. Maynard the red kangaroo is now back at an animal hospital, after his frolicking chase videotaped by a patrol car's camera.

Police joined animal control officers Sunday after getting a call about a kangaroo dashing around a neighborhood. The animal was bouncing around as people scampered after the 3-foot-tall critter.

Maynard, who's being treated for a respiratory ailment, was finally cornered and caught.

Dr. Kyle Jones says he took Maynard home for the weekend so the animal could graze and run in the vet's back yard. A wooden gate blew open and Maynard got out.

The animal eventually will be placed with a zoo.


Information from Brett Johnson of KXAS-TV: http://www.nbc5i.com

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