Meet your Ward 3 City Council candidates

It's election time again -- for Lawton City Council that is. Next Tuesday, some of you will get your chance to vote for the candidate who will be representing your neighborhood -- so we wanted to give you a chance to meet them and see what they stand for.

Tuesday we start with Ward 3. The candidates for Ward 3 are Janice Drewry, she's the incumbent, and her challenger is Glenn Devine, who held the seat before her.

Janice Drewry says she is all about building a future for Lawton's younger generations. "I truly have an interest in Lawton and seeing it grow," Drewry says. "I have grandchildren here, I want to see them live in a great city. I'm interested in our children and continue to work on programs that will benefit the youth of our city."

She says she will use a second term to make sure the city grows to fit the needs of a much larger population when BRAC moves in -- but she also wants to satisfy the people living here now. "Now what we're going to for Lawton with the streets, we're not doing that for BRAC, we're doing that for the people who live here and these are things that should have been done before all along and were not done," she said. "So I'm going to be very strong in trying to see that those things are done. And another thing is making sure that we always have water."

Glenn Devine served two terms as the Ward 3 council member before Janice took the seat -- and he says one of his first orders of business would be to revise the pet ordinance. "It needs to be reworked," Devine said. "I don't think there was enough consideration or thought put into that for our pet owners that are on fixed incomes. It's extremely high to take care of them or register them the way they want."

But he also wants to implement some new city ordinances that will make it easier for homeowners and businesses to build in the city. "For people coming in with new projects to be built, new businesses, establishments, and even housing, we are so strenuous to be able to get a permit, that really needs to be addressed," he said.

Janice Drewry says one of her big focuses will be residential safety -- while Glenn Devine says he wants to concentrate on spending city money responsibly.

Wednesday we'll be featuring the candidates in Ward 4 -- and on Thursday you can catch the profiles for Ward 5. The city council election is next Tuesday, December the 11th.