SUV smashes into home on Lawton's east side

Lawton_A Lawton woman got a rude wake up call Wednesday morning - a hot tub and an SUV right through her bedroom wall.  At 7:30am a Ford Explorer came crashing through the backyard of a home on the east side, just west of the 7News station.  Police say Duncan resident Anita Talley fell asleep at the wheel, crossed four lanes of traffic, two fences and ended up in the home.  The house was a rental and luckily the residents have renter's insurance.

The SUV had to travel quite some distance to make it all the way to the house, but there was no indication of excessive speeds.  Thankfully the insurance will help to pay for the damages.

It's not the way Laura Navin would have liked to start her day with a vehicle crashing through two yards and into her home ending up just inches from her bed.  "A big crash and I wake up screaming because there's a big car and hot tub in our bedroom."  No one was hurt and the driver only had a few bruises - the house is a different story.  Navin's insurance will pay for the damage to the structure of the house, but what about her furniture and other belongings?

"I'm still really shaken up and now we're just kind of worried where we're going to stay and how everything's going to be taken care of," she says.  Sheet rock and insulation is everywhere, not to mention water from the hot tub in the bedroom.  They had just bought renter's insurance after friends of theirs had their apartment burled.

"We wanted to have renter's insurance in case something happens to us - we never expected something to happen to us," says Navin.  That's what Towe, Hester & Erwin Insurance Representative Kaci Biggs says it's for.  "It's going to give you coverage for things like fire, theft, in this case, vehicle," says Biggs.

Renter's insurance helps recover your furniture, clothes and even helps pay for a place to stay.  "It can give you that coverage, that piece of mind, so that you do have coverage in the event something did happen to your personal property," Biggs says.  The wreck could have cost Navin a lot more heartache.

Biggs says renter's insurance is really affordable - $200-$300 could buy you a years worth of insurance.  It works just like an auto claim, an adjuster comes to inspect the damage and assess the amount they will give.  Some companies can have a check back to you in less than a week.  It helps to have a list of all your valuables, including serial numbers, in case something like this was to happen to you.