Duke man shot in face after domestic dispute

Lawton_A Duke man is in the hospital after getting shot in the face by a shotgun.  Authorities received a call around 3:30 Tuesday morning for a domestic disturbance.  That's when they found 27 year old Robert Castillo shot at a house north of Duke.  Castillo was transported to Jackson County Memorial Hospital by private vehicle and was later air evacuated to Oklahoma City in serious condition.

Amazingly, Castillo is not in serious condition but may lose his eyesight.  7News sat down with the admitted shooter, Donna Payne, who wanted to tell her side of the story.  It turns out, she's Castillo's mother in law and she admits to shooting Castillo with her shotgun.

She says she was defending herself and her daughter when Castillo came home early Tuesday morning and was fighting with her daughter.  "And as I walked out this front door, my daughter is standing there crying and doubled over.  He had kicked her in the back several times," says Payne.  Then, she says, he started after her.  "And I don't know, I just came in the house and I told him to leave.  And I got the gun."

Then, she fired.  "And I did it...I did it...I pulled the trigger not really realizing what a shotgun could do," she says.  The Jackson County Sheriff's Office arrived on the scene and investigated the incident.   "One round was fired, that glanced off of the hood of the pickup, hit the glass, or the SUV, hit the glass and then hit the guy in the face," says Sheriff Roger Levick.

Payne was sent to the Jim Taliaferro Community Mental Health Center for evaluation.  After the shooting, she says she was having thoughts of suicide.  "Because I thought the only way to pay for what I've done was to kill myself.  And I can't take back that second...I can't take it back," she says.

She has been released, but no charges have been filed against her as of now.  Sheriff Roger Levick says it's in the DA's hands now.  "I'm confident that the District Attorney's office will come to the appropriate decision on whether charges are to be filed or what charges are going to be filed," he says.

Payne says she wishes she could have done something differently.  "Nothings worth pulling a trigger, and I'm so sorry," she says.  "I will never pick up another gun."