Holiday shoppers beware - thieves are shopping, too

Lawton_It's the time of year when everyone is out shopping for holiday gift giving - including thieves.  During this time, the Lawton Police Department sees a surge in home invasions, burglaries and robberies.  This time, it was an elderly Lawton man who was the victim when he was followed and robbed at gunpoint in his home Wednesday afternoon.

Stoney Huddleston says he went out on an errand and believes he was being followed by someone who had been watching him.  When he pulled up in his driveway - and before he even made it inside his home - someone held him at gunpoint.

Barbara Huddleston says she heard her husband at the door and knew he would need assistance getting inside.  She and her husband are both elderly and have a hard time getting around.  As she made her way to the door, before she could help him inside, the stranger approached him from behind - gun in hand.

They say the suspect was well dressed and not someone you would think of as a robber.  Stoney says the man held a gun to his side and asked him for his wallet and everything in it.  "It was a revolver, I saw it," says Stoney.  He believes the suspect had been following him and tracking him while he was shopping.

Stoney recalls seeing a man watching him while he was at the checkout counter at the grocery store.  He says it was obvious that he had a lot of cash on him since he had been shopping throughout the afternoon.  And, he believes it was this person who followed him home, robbing him at gunpoint on his own doorstep.  "Thank goodness I'm okay," he says.

Stoney didn't put up a fight and the man escaped with at least $300.  A car waiting near the driveway was the getaway vehicle.  Usually, Stoney doesn't do his shopping alone, his niece is normally there to help with errands, but this day he went alone.  "They'll never go anywhere alone again," says their niece.

Lawton Police could only say it was a black male.  If you have any information about this crime that happened on the 300 block of Northwest 62nd, call police right away.  Here are some tips to remember to avoid a situation like this:

  • If you leave your home, lock it up.
  • Don't leave valuables inside your home visible.
  • If you go shopping, don't leave your boxes in the open for thieves to see and break them down before you put them in the trashcan.
  • Never open the door to a stranger.
  • Don't carry a lot of cash on you.
  • Don't let others see how much money you have on you - be discreet.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.

Lock your car doors when driving, and pay attention as you leave the vehicle