Adopt an angel this Christmas

Lawton_The Salvation Army hopes no child will be left out this Christmas which is the reason for the Angel Tree at Central Mall.  The tree is decorated with angels - pink for girls and blue for boys.  Someone picks an angel and purchases a gift for a youngster who would otherwise go without.  This year, the tree started with around a thousand angels - now, it's down to under a hundred.

Each angel represents one child who might not have presents under the tree this Christmas.  And, time is running out - you have a little more than a week left to adopt your own angel.  7News set out to do just that - to adopt an angel and show you how it works at the same time.

The first step is the paperwork.  Stop at the registration desk at the mall to fill out the form to adopt your angel.  Next, find an angel.  This year, 7News reporter Neely Tsoodle adopted an angel on behalf of KSWO.

This year, Neely chose to pick one of the older children.  The Salvation Army says it's the older kids who often get overlooked.  "I think the favorite ones are the babies, those gifts go quicker.  I think it's easier to buy for them," says Salvation Army Captain Cristina Murphey.  Harmony was Neely's choice - she's 12 years old and wants a CD player and perfume for Christmas.

Now, it's off to do some shopping.  First on the list - a CD player, so Neely headed to the electronics department.  With so many different CD players with so many gadgets, it was hard to narrow it down to just one - so Neely got some expert advice and made her choice.

Next - perfume.  Because 7News' angel is a pre teen, we wanted a scent that was mild, yet playful and into the basket it went.  Although our angel didn't ask for much, we took advantage of the fact that her clothes size was also listed - so Neely picked out an outfit, too.

Off to checkout and just one more stop - dropping off the gifts back at the registration desk in the mall.  It's so good to see people shopping for gifts and participating in this wonderful event.  Now, all that's left to do is wish our angel a very Merry Christmas.

If you would like to adopt an angel, you have until next Saturday.  All you have to do is go to Central Mall and register.  Remember, you can spend a little or a lot and usually there are a couple of suggestions noted on the angel as to what the youngster would like.  And, of course, all donations are welcome.