The Wichita Falls Annual Nastrike

Lawton_Grown ups were on tricycles Friday!  But, not just any old tricycle - tricked out trikes for Wichita Falls 2007 "Nastrike".  The city has been helping families in need for over 20 years with this event and hundreds of Wichita Falls city employees came together on their lunch hour for the cause.

Pat Huffman is a property administrator for the city and she's one of several others who put the fundraising race together.  She says it's enjoyable, entertaining and contributing to a good cause.  "This is what Christmas is means to me," she says.  "This is what I look forward to every Christmas and as far as I'm concerned Christmas came today for us."

The city's health department, streets and parks and recreation all came out - ready to win.  Some teams had technical difficulties and had to pull over into the pit.  Meanwhile, Barry Levy - the city's Public Information Officer - also doubled as the Nastrike Announcer.  He says every employee has a lot of fun getting ready for the race - and there are a lot of rules.

"Pretty much anything goes," he says.  "Except putting a motor on your tricycle or maybe having it animal powered."  Santa Clause was even racing around on trikes after the race.  There were a lot of close calls, particularly between two departments - engineering and parks.

But, it was a repeat win for the "Parks Power Peddlers" - they pulled it off again.  Rickie Herd is the Parks Project Manager and he says it's nice for the winner to get bragging rights for the year, but the event is really about helping those families who have a hard time making ends meet.

Herd says sometimes a spouse can lose their job and with the price of gas and the struggling economy some fellow employees need a little extra help.  "I myself was on that list when I started here," he says.  He says without the support his kids wouldn't have had a Christmas that year.

The Power Peddlers were looking forward to the event all year and all the other city departments have been planning and plotting against them.  But, they'll just have to wait another year to try and beat them.  And, they have a suggestion - start your own Nastrike and come and get 'em.