Street crews work around the clock to keep roads clear

LAWTON-- While many of you were able to stay indoors Sunday, you'll most likely have to get to work this morning. Lawton street crews were out Sunday night making sure that's possible. They worked around the clock -- crossing back and forth all over town to make sure the roads were clear for drivers, no matter what time they had to leave for work.

They started out sanding bridges and overpasses because those are the first to freeze and the most dangerous for drivers to crash on. "The Highway 62 overpass at 52nd, that's a long bridge and it's a curve too,"said Sr. Equipment Operator Casey Caddell. "So when they hit it in ice, they're in a turn anyway, they're gonna spin."

The sanding trucks can only drive about 20 miles an hour so the sand and salt mixture can spread evenly on the road. But many drivers get impatient behind the slow trucks. "You'll have people come up behind you full speed," Caddell said. "But we've got all the flashing lights, you've seen the back of the truck, 'Do not pass, keep back, but they fly by us. And we don't have time to shut it off."

If they're not sanding, they'll pull over and let drivers pass, but if they are sanding, they say you're the one who needs to wait. "We don't like sandblasting cars, but it never fails," Caddell said.

And if you do crash out on icy roads, the wrecker services are asking you to be patient too. "We'll get to you, just depends on how bad the roads are," said Mike Hodges, with Hodges Wrecker Service. "Because we're no different than ya'll are, we're going to slow down, we're not going to tear up our equipment to get there just because you slid off the road."

Crews around town are all asking drivers to stay off the roads if you can.