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Jay Burk wins city council Ward 4 seat; incumbents Shanklin and Drewry stay

Lawton_The results are in from Lawton's city council elections, and there will be a change. The biggest upset was out in Ward 4 -- where Jay Burk unseated incumbent Keith Jackson, who has served 12 years on the council. We missed a runoff in two of the races by just a handful of votes. Councilman Shanklin avoided a runoff by just nine votes. And only four votes sealed the victory for Jay Burk in Ward 4.

Burk won the seat with 473 votes. The incumbent Keith Jackson received 386 votes and Dale Scott got 83.

Over in Ward 3 Janice Drewry beat Glenn Devine. Drewry received 371 votes, while Devine received 180.

And in Ward 5, incumbent Bob Shanklin won re-election with 183 votes. Garrett Jackson got 134 votes, while Joe McLane received 40 votes.

In Ward 4 Jay Burk will be the only new face sitting on council. But he says he has big plans for East Lawton -- and his first focus will be cleaning up the streets. "We're going to work on getting the crime solved in Lawton," Burk said. "We're going to start by getting our kids on teams, and off the streets and out of the gangs."

In Ward 3 incumbent Janice Drewry is starting her second term on council. She beat Glenn Devine, who served on council the two terms before her. She says she will use this second term to continue children's programs around Lawton, and improve residential safety.

"Well I just appreciate all the people that got out and voted," she said. "And I appreciate the confidence they had in me to elect me for another three year term. And I'm looking forward to getting started with it."

And the Ward 5 winner was incumbent Bob Shanklin. He was not available for comment on camera, but in a phone interview he said he was disappointed with the low voter turnout, and wished he could have won by a greater margin.

With Jay Burk being the only newcomer, you won't see much change on council. He is set to take the Ward 4 seat on the second Tuesday in March.

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