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Police gathering evidence on a fight in a Duncan home

Lawton_A father and son are in a Duncan hospital Thursday evening - one with a gunshot wound and the other with severe burns on his face.  Police are still trying to put the pieces together, but what they do know is that it happened in the 800 block of North 11th Street around 8pm Tuesday. 

As to how it happened, police are still trying to figure that out.  What they do know is that the pair barged into a house to talk to someone there.  After that, police say one of the two men who were home at the time took his three kids and got out of there.  He says he was brutally attacked and was too scared to be identified.  "I'm on parole and I'm going to get in trouble and I didn't do anything wrong, now I need an attorney and I don't have money for that and I don't want to run because I'm not guilty," he says.

Police are still gathering evidence and cannot tell us whether the two who barged in will be arrested.  As for the second man who was also home at the time, they're still searching for him.  You can count on 7News to stay on top of this complicated story.

If you have any information regarding this incident in Duncan, please call Duncan Police at 580-470-2092 or call Crimestoppers.

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