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Goodner's Steakhouse a total loss after kitchen fire

Lawton_Human error, improper response and a multi-layered roof are what the State Fire Marshal says led to a massive blaze at a landmark Duncan restaurant.  We first reported about the fire at Goodner's Steakhouse on 7News at ten.

Firefighters battled the blaze from around 6:30 Tuesday evening to midnight Wednesday morning.  The building is considered a total loss after its roof collapsed and it is yet to be officially determined how the fire started.

The building is too dangerous for anyone who isn't a firefighter to enter, but from what 7News could see from outside, it appears that customers fled so fast that there was almost a half a plate of food left on one table.  Unfortunately - it's going to be the last plate served for a while. 

"We probably owe a few people some meals at this point," says Rod Goodner.  The Goodner family is able to joke a little even though they're hiding their pain.  "This place was built when I was one year old," says Goodner.  "It's been here 37 years - I'm 38 years old. . . I've lived and grew up in this place, I'm disappointed."

The fire began around 6:30 Tuesday night when Jerry Goodson was on his way to the family office a couple of blocks from the restaurant.  He wasn't sure, but he thought he saw smoke billowing from it.  "I thought it was steam because it was so wet and damp," he says.  "My assistant on duty was panicking, ‘it's not the fire place - we have a fire'."

When firefighters arrived, they immediately ran into a big problem.  The building had three roofs, one was cedar, another rubber and the outer roof made of tin according to Fire Chief Larry Sullins - and, spreading fast.  "When the fire got down between those roofs, it was hard to just cut a spot and put the fire out because it was all up inside the roof," says Sullins. 

An agent with the State Fire Marshal's Office says cooks were trying to beef up a fire when they accidentally dipped some firewood into fryer greased and splashed it onto a grill.  "It went up to the venting system and oil - when it hits that temperature it hits the igniting temperature, says Judah Sheppard.  "It's very flammable and ignitable and it goes up to the vent system and it just kept spreading."

Sheppard says businesses are required to clean grease from the venting system twice a year and that workers did not call 911 to report the fire for 15 minutes.  He says they tried to tame the grease flames with water.  "Don't play around and try to extinguish it yourself -

they should have a fire evacuation plan," says Sheppard.

Fortunately everyone made it out okay and no firefighters were hurt as they battled the blaze.  "We never thought the day would come where it's a smoked up house," says Goodner.  "I felt like it had a few more year left in it - we weren't ready to close the doors yet."  But, why the doors may be closed, the Goodners say to expect new doors to open - and, hopefully soon.

The Goodners say when they were meeting with their insurance company Wednesday and hope to have their rebuilding plans complete as soon as possible.  When they do rebuild, you will find a lot of the familiar faces at the new steakhouse - along with the landmark Goodner Cow.

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