Injured soldiers ask for odd Christmas presents

Lawton_Many of us are reaching out to help the needy this holiday season, but some families wanted to help our injured soldiers out at Ft. Sill. Families across town have adopted the injured soldiers from a special "angel tree" -- but many of them were surprised to see what the soldiers had written on their wish lists.

Some of them were so selfless it just made you realize what the holidays are all about. One soldier said he didn't want anything for himself, but wanted to use his wish to help a needy family. Another soldier said he just wanted something nice to give to his wife. But a few of the soldiers we met Wednesday night surprised us with their wish lists in a whole different way.

"I wished for a $40 gift card... I was planning on making it a re-gift."

"What was your wish, what did you want?" "A gift card!"

"What did you ask for for your wish? " "A fishing boat." "Do you think you're going to get it?" "I don't know, we'll find out after a while. I think I've been good, but who knows!"

While some wished for toys for their children, or warm meals for the hungry -- some others say they didn't turn in a list at all -- because this unit has given them everything they wanted for the holidays.

"There was no wish for me. I'm blessed, I didn't put anything in. [I] wished to be here, that's about it."

And the officers serving the soldiers dinner tonight said that's the point -- to bring them together and give them a home for the holidays, whether presents are involved or not. "The Warriors in Transition, they struggle with both the emotional and the physical injuries," said Major Stephen Krebs. "And this outpouring of appreciation makes them feel good about their service as a soldier, and it helps ease the healing process for them as well."

"Yeah, you know, it's kind of nice," one soldier said, "because last year all of us were overseas. Now we're here, a more relaxed atmosphere, we're around friends, soldiers that are experiencing the same problems that a lot of us are having right now. So it's really nice to have this tonight."

Another cool thing -- a group of kids got together and made 160 cookies and individually wrapped them for the soldiers to take home with them Wednesday night.