Sheriff Stradley hands out Christmas meals, toys

Sheriff Kenny Stradley was out in Comanche County this week giving Christmas baskets to those who may not otherwise get Christmas. Inside the basket you'll find food to put a Christmas meal on the table -- including ham, mashed potatoes and veggies. But the sheriff was also handing out toys for the tots.

It's something he's been doing for the past 19 years, and says he wouldn't want to spend the holidays any other way.

"It sure makes a lot of difference," one woman said "I sure do appreciate you every, every time you come. Sure do appreciate it. Thank you, very much sir. Merry Vhristmas."

"Like this lady here," Stradley said, "probably wasn't going to have anything. The good Lord and people provided us the money and we're out trying to make them have a better Christmas."

Sheriff Stradley says it's not just about putting a warm Christmas meal on the table -- but making sure the children have something under the tree to unwrap Christmas morning.

"Well that's what it's all about," Stradley said. "And knowing her kid is going to have something for Christmas...that makes my Christmas."

Though the donations poured in this year -- and they hit more houses than they usually can -- the sheriff still wishes he could have done more.

"This is just the tip of the iceberg, what we do," he said. "When this is all over I always go home and I think there are so many more that we could have helped that we didn't have the money."

And so he's asking you to help others this holiday season in any way you can. "If you got a neighbor next door that's not doing too well, take them something if you can," he said. "If the Lord's provided for you, help somebody else."

Because he says there is nothing like giving someone a Christmas when they may not have been able to provide one themselves. "Merry Christmas to everybody," he said.