Taggers terrorize Cache

Lawton_Taggers are terrorizing Cache.  Business owners drove into town Friday morning and found buildings covered with graffiti.  There has been some tagging in the past, but this time it's out of control - just about everywhere you look.  And, no one saw the vandals in action.

There are so many different tags, it's hard to keep track of them - but everything is written with red paint - which leads authorities to consider the possibility that the graffiti is gang related.  Red is the color of the "Bloods".  Whoever it is, though, certainly went on a tagging spree and have left the small town of Cache with a big headache.

Martin Marlow owns Marlow Towing and he says the taggers got his storage shed, car wash and wrecker.  "We come to work this morning and I was like what in the world is going on," he says.  "They completely did this whole side, the whole wheel, the front.  It's not that great of a truck, but it's all I have."

Marlow isn't the only one suffering from the vandalism.  When Tommy Hawthorne came to work he found his newspaper, "The County Times", covered in graffiti.  "I left the building around 11:00, 11:15 last night and to my knowledge it was not on there at that time," says Hawthorne.  It's the areas back behind the County Times that saw the worst taggings, here you can see the gangs covered up old taggings.

Graffiti that once read "Hoover" and "Crips" are now covered in "Blood" red leaving the residents of Cache wondering if gangs are moving into their neighborhood.  And, what's even more frustrating is that people in cars, driving down the highway, didn't even notice the vandals in front of the sub shack, or even worse, the tags in the back.

There was so much tagging across town, we couldn't include all of them.  Others were at Glory Café, the town barbershop and the Field School House.  Authorities are still investigating, but if you have any information, please be sure to contact the Cache Police Department.