How are road crews preparing for expected snow?

Lawton_First, the icy conditions kept us off the roads and at home and now, we're expecting snow.  And, after all the rain we've had, the roads could be treacherous.  The upcoming storm has Lawton and Comanche County workers concerned and road crews have had only a couple of days relief.  They now have to turn around and prepare for the snow and possibly ice.

Many people in Lawton use rural roads and there are hundreds and hundreds of miles of them in our immediate area.  Crews have to stay on top of them in weather like this.  Kenny Curry is busy getting his road equipment ready to go, he wants to be prepared for the snow.  Curry is the Eastern District Road Foreman for Comanche County, and if temperatures drop quickly before the snow, he'll need to be ready for a potential ice build up underneath the snow.

"Ice is our enemy," he says.  "People can travel in snow if they'll drive slow and careful - one can usually navigate in snow.  Ice is very dangerous for all of us."  Curry's crews were busy loading the truck beds with more than 100 tons of a sand and magnesium chloride mix - a solution that breaks down ice.  He says in his district there are at least 700 miles of rural roads and it takes his crew at least five hours to hit the most heavily driven roads.

"We hit all the major points and we turn around and do it again," he says.  "Sometimes accumulation is coming and sometimes we just have to go out and do the same three or four different times - so, it just depends on how the accumulation falls."  The crews say they'd rather deal with snow than ice - snow can be scraped away.  But, ice packs down and is hard to get rid of until the sun comes out.

Curry says his crew is ready to go and they don't plan to hit the roads in the Eastern part of Comanche County.  The City of Lawton will put its first crews on the street at around 8pm