Marines give Christmas gifts to veterans

Lawton_Christmas and the holiday season is usually a time when families come together. But for some of the veterans in Lawton -- they might be spending the holidays alone at the Vet Center. So Sunday the Marine Corps League brought stockings full of presents to those marine vets. Inside they got their own USMC sweatshirt, with their name embroidered on it, and of course, plenty of candy.

"What they did, you can't do enough back for them," said Ray McGee with the Marine Corps League.

Some of these veterans don't have a family to visit them on Christmas. Some of them feel forgotten during the holidays. Some of them cried when the marines arrived Sunday. "I don't know if there are words," said Fred Bulylock with the Marine Corps League. "It's just an overwhelming sentiment, emotional experience that people have. All people have those things that put tears in their eyes."

The marines say this is something people across the nation should be doing -- not only honoring those who are fighting now, but remembering those who made our world the way it is today. "It makes us feel good," Bulylock said. "We feel like it's part of our duty however to respond to them. And maybe one day if we're here a bunch of young marines will come out and sing the Marine Corps hymn for us, even if they don't sing on key, which we didn't."

They say the gift was special, but the visit mattered more. "It's a thing from the heart that people think that you forget," McGee said. "And every time someone comes in and remembers you, you do tear up, because you think what you did has been lost. And when we come out we hope that we remind them that they're not lost, they'll always be a part of us and that's why we say 'semper fi,' it's always faithful."

If you would like to visit the veterans this holiday season -- they'd love to have you. They have the most wonderful stories to tell, and they love to share their part of history with the world.