How to get your package under the tree by Christmas

Lawton_Monday was the day, and if you didn't get those Christmas packages in the mail, it's too late. Well, not really. You can still get those presents under the tree in time for Christmas, but it's going to cost you extra. Last week we told you to get those packages in the mail before Monday, "the busiest mailing day" at post offices across the nation. But if you didn't meet the deadline Monday -- we found some ways to still get your presents there in time.

For those of us who haven't finished our Christmas shopping yet, it's hard to even think about mailing the presents there in time. But Monday was the day to do it if you were going to try.

"Really this is our Super Bowl, this is our big week," said Lawton Postmaster Steve Carroll. "We're gearing up. This is what we enjoy - our guys get up for it."

But the deadline has come and gone -- so now what? Through Wednesday you can come in and use Priority Mail -- meaning your package will ship by plane instead of truck. And Priority Mail will get your packages anywhere in the country in about three to four days.

"Now come about Thursday, we're going to be talking to you real hard about Express Mail, if you want to get it there by Christmas day," Carroll said. "Because Express Mail is a service that we're going to guarantee your money back."

Express Mail will get your package to about 90 percent of destinations in just one day -- even on Sunday, even on Christmas. "These are special days for us, not just our customers," he said. "We enjoy going out, taking care of our customers, seeing the looks on their faces: 'Oh I didn't know I was getting this, this is great'. And this is what's happening right now."

And don't forget to drop off your letters for the big guy -- the postmaster says he'll make sure they make it to the North Pole. "We're getting letters for Santa, and we distribute those appropriately to where they're supposed to go, Santa Claus!"

One more tip for you -- just because the post office is closed doesn't mean you can't ship your packages. In the lobby they have an automated postal center you can use to get your package on its way, no matter what time you drop it in the box.

Also remember not to wrap your boxes in wrapping paper. If it gets torn it may take off the mailing address -- and then it gets sent to Atlanta where they'll try to sort it and get it to the right place, but it definitely won't be there in time for Christmas.