Woofie's to the rescue

Lawton_Life on death row at the pound is a place most don't want to see a pet go - especially when they've done nothing wrong.  But, Woofie Animal Rescue is an organization that gives animals a second chance.  They've been helping four-legged friends find a home for over a year.  Kristi Ray runs the soon to be registered not for profit shelter where she nurses animals back to health and adopts them out to loving homes.

Ray runs the operation from her home and although she primarily cares for dogs, she says she won't turn her back on any animal.  She feels this was her life plan and it's the path she's supposed to be on.  "These animals have no chance at life, they're not up for adoption, they're not waiting in some pet store, all of the dogs we get are scheduled and waiting to be euthanized," she says.  Ray gets calls from security guards at Lawton's Central Mall informing her that they've found abandoned animals and also stops by the pound on a weekly basis to rescue the homeless pets.

All of her rescues get their shots, baths, flea/tick dips and lots of love before they're put up for adoption.  Scott Hopkins, a disabled veteran, assists Ray at the shelter by tending to their needs and giving them some exercise.  "The animals appreciate what you do for them more than a person does at times and they realizes that so, and that's my reward," he says.

It's important to Ray for people to realize when they abandon their animals they aren't necessarily going to a no-kill shelter.  "I'm not surprised when I see them dump their puppies and they think that people are going to pick them up and they're wrong," she says.  "Because, if the pound gets them then they're going to the pound for euthanasia."

Woofie Animal Rescue Organization is almost through with their paperwork to become a non profit organization.  Ray runs the facility with her own money and could use donations - and once they're a certified non profit, any donations will be a tax write off.  Please call Kristi Ray at 580-658-5031 for more information on how to donate or volunteer.  The group could also use dog food, dog houses, chain link fences and any other pet related supplies.