Salvation Army outdoes itself in gift giving

Lawton_The Salvation Army Angel Tree at Central Mall is empty now, but there won't be any room under 450 Christmas trees all over Lawton.  Wednesday the volunteers gave out all the presents donated to "angels" who might not have gotten any this year.  Parents lined up outside the Boys and Girls Club waiting to get some Christmas cheer for their families.

It might not have been a Merry Christmas for Kristina Reedes and her family if hadn't been for the Salvation Army Angel Tree.  Her husband is in jail, so she has to take care of her kids all by herself.  That's why she's thankful for the tree.  "I feel blessed because I was doing really bad this year and couldn't get for my kids, so I feel really blessed," she says.  "It's been hard for me to get back on my feet, trying to work.  Because when he was out, I didn't have to work."

The Salvation Army helps people in the community donate gifts to families in need - and it outdid itself this year helping 450 families.  They gave away over 100 bikes, over 1000 kids got clothes and toys - but, it wasn't just non-essentials.  The Lawton Fire Department was on hand to deliver extra holiday groceries.  "It's got everything they need to hopefully have a good Christmas meal and have a good time at Christmas," says Fireman Cory Tate.

Dozens of volunteers worked hard to hand out the gifts, including 18 year old Jessica Madison who came with her mother and three sisters.  They wanted to make sure every child got their Christmas wish.  "It's really exciting to see how everyone in the community has come together to help out," says Madison.

Reedes says she doesn't know what she would have done without the Salvation Army and she's glad she didn't have to find out.  "It'll give my kids a good Christmas - it'll make them happy and it'll make me happy," she says.

The Salvation Army has checked to make sure all the toys donated have not been recalled, but they do want parents to check for themselves.  Up to date info can be found daily on our website or by going to or calling 800-638-2772.