Firefighters shop for Tots

Lawton_Firefighters went shopping for gifts for over 200 needy kids.  They say they look forward to it all year long and this is what the holidays are all about - making sure each kid has a little something under the tree.  "We look forward to shopping for the kids for Toys for Tots, because it give us a chance to help out the kids in our community," says firefighter Josh Hall.

Hall says in the past they've allowed the public to donate toys, but this year they want everything to be new for the youngsters.  "It just seems to work out better for the kids if they're brand new," he says.  "It's theirs and it doesn't feel like something they just got handed down."

The kids ages range from newborns to about 12 years old and this year they have more than ever on their list.  "This year we have a tremendous amount of kids, over 200 and it's stressed our budget quite a bit.  We try to give them as many as we can so they have something to open up at Christmas time," Hall says.

Hall says the kids get so excited they try to peek at their presents.  "A lot of times, ya know, they'll come running out to the trucks and we will have them in the bags already and sometimes we try to sneak them around so mom can have a chance to sneak them into the trunk and she'll say get out of here, you don't need to see this."

He says they'll be delivering the presents to the kids over the weekend and this years drive wouldn't have been possible without the help from Cameron, Dollar General and fundraising throughout the year.  If you would like to make a donation to Toys for Tots, feel free to drop new toys - still in their original package - at any local fire station.