Comanche County tag agent robbed at gunpoint

Lawton_A Comanche County tag agent says she was scared to death Tuesday after being robbed at gunpoint at the Wichita Mountains Tag Agency located on Highway 49 near Medicine Park.  Kim Hilliary says a man dressed in black from head to toe walked into her business, demanded cash and then pulled out a gun.

To make matters worse, Hilliary's eight month old daughter was laying just a couple of feet away.  Thankfully no on was physically harmed in the robbery but, emotionally, it was a traumatic experience.  She and the sheriff want to keep this from happening to anyone else.

It's definitely not the busiest tag agency in the area, but for visitors to Lakes Lawtonka and Ellsworth, it might be the most convenient.  Unfortunately, it was also convenient for a man looking for free money that late afternoon.

"When he walks in, he's adjusting his scarf over his ears and I just kind of looked at him and thought he was dressed for last week's weather," says Hilliary.  It was her first clue that something wasn't right, but she never dreamed of what was about to happen in her tiny office.

"In a low quiet voice he says 'give me all your money,' and I just looked at him like are you joking? Is this a joke? That's when he started waving his gun around and got a little louder and started cussing at me to give me all my money," she says.

Hilliary did as the man asked, but that was not good enough for him.  There was only a small amount of cash to make change for her customers and that's when she says the robber came around the corner and stole her mother's billfold.

Hilliary says he then told her to get inside the bathroom - but she wasn't going anywhere without her baby.  "I grabbed her and he pushed us in there and said not to come out.  Next thing I hear, he's squealing out of the parking lot," she says.  Hilliary managed to call for help and Sheriff Kenny Stradley says his investigators were quickly on the scene.

"We started searching the area checking the businesses around there to let them know what we had," says Stradley.  They never found the robber, but the Sheriff says that doesn't mean they won't.  More than anything, he says, they need witnesses.  "Anything you've seen or you think may not be important, may be important for us to solve this crime," he says.  A crime that Hilliary says put her infant daughter's life in danger.

"I was just concerned for her," she says.  She's happy, she didn't know any different.  She didn't cry...she didn't fuss at all.  The only time she fussed is when I had to yank her out of her seat - that's it."

There is one bright note to the story, though.  As luck would have it, Hilliary's two year old daughter, who also normally stays with her at the tag agency, was not there this time.  She was with her grandmother.  Sheriff Stradley tells 7News his investigators are following up on a few leads in the case and he's still asking anyone with any information to call his department.