Police Dept.: "Attempted abduction of children walking"

The Comanche Police Department says:

On 12-18-2007 (Tuesday) at a little after 4pm in the afternoon, a 12 year old female was walking home on North 8th Street in Comanche, Oklahoma and noticed a green pickup, (possibly a Chevy from 1995 to 1999) that was slowly following her as she continued wlking toward her house on Church Street.  The child ran safely to her house and Comanche Police were contacted.

Her description of the driver is a heavy set, middle aged Hispanic male that has a white or gray or blond stripe on the front of his hair.

A similar incident happened on 12-5-2007 (Wednesday) after a Comanche School Bus had dropped off 4 students in the 900 Block going West on Hwy 53.  Two of the Juvenile females started walking toward the North and stated a green pick-up with a black horizontal stripe across the tailgate stopped and a heavy set, middle aged Hispanic male got out of the vehicle and yelled at one of the females to "come here".  When the female did not comply, she stated the Hispanic male stomped his foot on the ground and ordered her to come to his vehicle.  The 2 female juveniles got scared and started running toward their homes.  Their description of the driver is the samee as the above incident.

Extra patrol has been increased in the area of these 2 incidents.  Please be on the lookout for this vehicle and suspect and safely try to get tag information on the vehicle.

Please contact Comanche Police Department in Comanche, Okla. at 580-439-2211 with any information.