Unidentified man tries to lure young Comanche girls to truck

Lawton_A Stephens County town is on edge following two possible child abduction attempts.  Police say the first report came in last week after a man driving a green pickup tried to get two elementary school girls to come to him.  The latest attempt happened this week when a man driving a pickup matching the same description followed a 12 year old girl to her home.

Police say they don't have any leads at this time, just a description of both the man and his vehicle.  Until they find him, police and school administrators want to make sure parents and community members are on alert.

Thursday is the last day of classes for Comanche students as they begin their holiday break.  With warmer temperatures, a lot of youngsters may enjoy their time off outdoors.  Normally that's not a worry, but with a possible abductor lurking around town, its a whole different story.  "We're really concerned," says Comanche High School Principal Steven Dunham.  "We've got emails out to the teachers - the community is finding out about it.  We've got everybody in town pretty vigilant keeping an eye on these kids."

It all started last week when two little girls were walking home from the school bus stop.  That's when the Chief says they spotted a green pickup.  "The pickup stopped and the person got out and he wanted them to come over to his vehicle, and they did real well they ran away from him," says Chief Mike Jones.  Even after the girls say the man stomped his foot and ordered them to come.

On Tuesday of this week, police believe the man struck again when he followed a girl to her home.  She, too, ran to safety.  "Pickup description was the same and the individual description was the same," says Jones.  "Our red flag was raised anyway, but this kind of kicked it up a notch."

The Highway Patrol and the Stephens County Sheriff's Department have joined the search as well.  "You like to think nothing like that could happen around here, but we've found over the years that small towns are not immune to these kind of people," Jones says.  "If this individual leaves Comanche, he may go to another place close by."

Chief Jones says there are several green pickups in Comanche but it's possible the man is not from the town.  The girls tell investigators the truck is possibly a late 90's model Chevy with a black horizontal stripe on the tailgate.  Police are looking for tag information or other unique features on the vehicle.

Police say the man behind the wheel is a heavyset middle aged Hispanic man with a white or blond stripe on the front of his hair.  If you see him or the pickup, call police.