Turn Christmas upside down

Lawton_If you're tired of the traditional Christmas tree - liven it up.  What seems like a new tradition, actually isn't and we may have been putting up our Christmas trees the wrong way all our lives.  It's the upside down Christmas tree and it's a rare sight.

Wanda Moore just had to have one this year.  But, while some people are paying almost $700 for one on Ebay, she made hers herself out of a standard artificial tree.  "Just reverse the order of your limbs and uh, just stabilize the base a little more," she says.  It's a great conversation starter for Moore.  "They stop, they look, is that tree upside down? Yes, it is," she laughs.  "Just makes it unique and unusual."

There are a lot of advantages to flipping your tree upside down.  First, children are less likely to hit the branches, small pets can't reach the ornaments and there's lots of extra room underneath for presents.  "More presents, less tree in the way," says Moore.

She says there's a method to her madness.  "If you've got a small space or a small room, you can still have the large tree because it takes up less floor space um, it shows off the ornaments."  That's why store retailers recently brought back the fad.  It means more ornaments at eye level - targets for consumers.

It's a religious tradition too.  It dates back thousands of years and represents the trinity.  "God, the father, the son, and the holy spirit, using the three points, Moore says.  From there, the tree got flipped right side up so the tip would point the way to heaven.

So, this new craze isn't so new after all - and anyone can do it.  Happy decorating!