C.O.P.S and detectives nab holiday burglar

Lawton had eleven burglaries within one month and police had no suspects or leads.  Now, the Lawton Police Department has the man responsible in custody due to a brand new partnership in the department.  Detectives are teaming up with Community Oriented Policing Officers to find the criminals responsible for a rash of holiday burglaries.

With the help of a computer, some citizens will be having a much merrier Christmas.  Detectives and COP officers don't usually work on the same cases, but now they've joined forces and that partnership has led to this important arrest.

Deputy Chief James Apple says Ricky Casper of Lawton is in jail Friday charged with two counts of second degree burglary after confessing to eleven burglaries in east Lawton.  But, it wasn't easy finding him - police had no leads for nearly a month.  That's why they created the "Burglary task Force" that has COP officers working together with the detectives.  "They are taking cases that had no suspects and no leads on it, and they're trying to put it together," says Captain Will Hines.

They're using a computer system called Com-Stat to point them in the right direction.  "It's a program that puts together where the crimes are happening, about what time of day, and kind of what we need to be looking for," says Hines.  "From that, we're able to take our manpower and focus it into that area."

With all the information they gathered, the task force finally made some headway in the unsolved cases.  Police say the leads helped them to arrest one person and recover stolen property.  They say recovering the stolen property from so many burglaries is rare.  "To take someone and, or take 11 burglaries that had no leads, and be able to not only solve them, find the guy that did it, and then to recover property is even a bigger deal," says Hines.

Police say Casper is a known member of the Rolling 60's Crips and may face more charges as the investigation continues.  You can count on 7News to keep you updated.