WF tree drops now open

The City of Wichita Falls Sanitation Department has opened the two locations used for disposal of natural Christmas trees. The locations were due to open next week but the Sanitation Department in an effort to better accommodate the needs of their customers has opened the tree drops early.

The locations are Lucy Park and Kiwanis Park. The free drop-off areas are open twenty-four hours a day and are located near the tree farm in each park. Only real trees that have been completely stripped of the tree stand, all decorations and lights will be accepted. No artificial trees will be accepted.

The trees will be ground up and used as mulch in each park. The program will end Wednesday, January 16th at the park locations but city residents can use the City Landfill or Transfer Station for their tree disposal any day during normal operating hours. There is no charge for this service at the Transfer Station or Landfill for residents of Wichita Falls.

Residents are encouraged to take advantage of these disposal methods, as there is no curbside pickup of Christmas trees. Trees left out by the curb for pickup during the regular trash schedule will not be picked up by sanitation employees. For more information please contact Dave Lehfeldt at 761-7977.

From the city of Wichita Falls