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Texans react to Bhutto assassination

Austin_Some people in Texas with ties to Pakistan reacted with sadness and shock over today's assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

Bhutto was mortally wounded in a suicide attack that also killed at least 20 others at a campaign rally in Pakistan.

Syed Hassan moved from Pakistan about 20 years ago and now lives in Houston.

Hassan says he imagines this is how the people of the U.S. felt after President Kennedy's assassination.

Hassan says when these kind of things happen, it just "shatters you."

JFK was assassinated in Dallas in 1963.

Bhutto was in Texas in March when she spoke at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Muhammad Sarfraz Khan is president of UTA's Pakistani Students Association.

Khan says Bhutto was a strong woman and an eloquent speaker who discussed her progressive views about bringing democracy to her home country.

Khan says hopefully the progress toward democracy in Pakistan continues. Khan says if somebody does take advantage of Bhutto's death, that would be "repulsive."

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