Disguise your holiday trash from would be burglars

Lawton_7News told you about a Lawton woman who had her Christmas gifts stolen recently - it's precisely the type of crime that is common this time of year.  Christmas gifts welcome thieves and they can be made aware of exactly what you may have in your home from what they see on your lawn.

Since the day after Christmas, the community has been putting out a little extra trash.  But, what many of us don't realize is that thieves now know what's available for them to steal.  It only takes a quick glance.  In one neighborhood 7News visited, we found rows and rows of trash filled with boxes that held toys, appliances and even electronics - items that make your home tempting to thieves.

Josh Standerfer was unloading his Christmas trash and never thought he'd be setting himself up for trouble.  "I never think about it - that they can see what we've got," he says.  The items can be easily spotted from the street and at one house we stopped at, we discovered that they got new kitchen appliances, children's toys and an expensive table saw.

But, what is disconcerting is that some residents don't seem to be too concerned.  They say they feel safe and not really worried.  Most of us would like to think that every neighborhood is safe, but Lawton Police say there is need for concern in every neighborhood - not just neighborhoods that seem free from crime.

Standerfer says from now on he'll disguise his trash by using black bags.  He also thinks it would be a good idea for the city to offer a central location for Christmas trash.

Lawton Police say it's best to know your trash pick up schedule - that way you don't curb your trash too early and give the bad guys any ideas.  The City of Lawton says if you have more than a large amount of trash, you are permitted to use the city landfill at no charge for two weeks.