AAA offers free tows to drunk drivers this holiday

Lawton_The New Year is just around the corner, and that means a lot of good food, friends and parties. Unfortunately, all of those things add up to a lot of drunk drivers out on the road. So AAA of Oklahoma is getting the word out about their "Tipsy Tow Program" -- to get both you and your car home safe, without you ever getting behind the wheel.

AAA started at the beginning, asking the question-- "Why'd you get behind the wheel and drive if you knew you were impaired?" They were shocked to find out the answer was all too simple. "Well more times than not they'd say 'because I didn't want to go back the next morning and have the hassle of getting my car, or that night have to ask a friend for a ride or sleepover," said AAA spokesman Chuck Mai.

So AAA started the "Tipsy Tow Program," concentrating on the holiday season because that's when the rates of alcohol-related crashes spike. And they're not only getting drunk drivers off the road, but trying to change their way of thinking. "You have that feeling that you're invincible. and you think, 'Well I've never crashed before after I've been drinking, this time will be no different, you know, I'm leading that charmed life, it'll never happen to me!' Mai said.

But it can -- and it does. So they encourage people to just pick up the phone. Mai says there's no reason to be embarrassed. "Life is all about choices," he said. "You can choose to drink, you can choose to drive after drinking, but sometimes that's going to be a tragic choice. You have the decision in your power to save your own life by making smart choices."

Mai says they only get about 150 calls every holiday season -- and they're trying to increase that number. So just call (800) AAA-HELP -- and they'll be there, no questions asked.

AAA says they are working on making the "Tipsy Tow Program" a year-round thing, so you can pick up the phone any time and get home safely.