"Peeping Tom" photographer arrested in east Lawton

LAWTON-- A man accused of taking pictures of a woman while she was naked in an east Lawton tanning salon was arrested on Saturday. It happened around 12:30 pm at the Super Video store on South East 45th street just North of Lee Boulevard. The store also has tanning beds. Police say a woman had taken her clothes off to get into one of the beds when she heard a noise in the room next door.

"She heard a sound and realized a man was photographing her with a cell phone over the top of the wall," said LPD Captain Jackie LaRoche.

The victim says that man was actually an employee of the store. When she confronted him, she says he told her he wasn't going to do anything with the photos and he had erased him.

Police arrested 23-year-old Nicholas Wandtke under a peeping tom law. The store's owner says he had only been working there for about a month and he has since been fired.