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Hostage situation at Lawton Correctional Facility quickly resolved

Lawton_A doctor and nurse were held hostage at the Lawton Correctional Facility Monday afternoon.  Police say an inmate stood between the pair and a door holding a homemade weapon.  Although their captor didn't make any physical threats - he did have some demands. 

Apparently he wanted to speak with staff managed people outside the facility.  7News was there shortly after the standoff started.  No one was hurt and the staff was able to negotiate with the prisoner and he immediately surrendered. 

The prison wasn't taking any chances when the standoff began, though.  They were prepared for the worst going into complete lockdown at the correctional facility - no one in and no one out.  The only exceptions were Lawton Police and Tactical Team, the prison's Correctional Emergency Response Team and Oklahoma Highway Patrol - all raced in by the dozen.

"We actually secured the perimeter around the prison. Oklahoma Highway Patrol did show up and help us; they assisted with the perimeter and stuff like that," said Chief Ronnie Smith with the Lawton Police Department.  And, teams suited up in the parking lot, weapons ready, preparing anything.

"They had a hostage situation in their infirmary. We were told he had two hostages and he never made any threats, but he was keeping them from leaving," says Smith.  That's when negotiators from the prison's CERT team entered the room to make a plea with the prisoner. 

"From what I understand, he was just wanting to talk to some people," says Smith.  "He would not let them leave, um, possibly had a homemade type of a weapon on him and that was also recovered."  After some negotiation, the prisoner freed the hostages and the CERT team took him into custody.

"The incident went off without anyone being hurt, it was short lived. Our tac team was there just in case it got out of hand," Smith says.  Now, it will be up to the prison to process the crime scene and report the findings to the DA - who will, in turn, decide the charges.

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