LPD closes year with just a few unsolved cases

Lawton_As the year closes, the Lawton Police Department says it's been a successful year of solving crimes and getting suspects to face the judge. From a gang-related shooting to double homicide, from a huge coke bust to a rash of burglaries, Police Chief Ronnie Smith says his team has cracked the case on almost every one.

In February, a gang-related shooting near Lawton High School leaves a young man dead. The suspect -- Jackie Duncan -- flees to Kansas. But in April, Lawton Police were able to bring him back on murder charges -- and Duncan will face the judge in January. "We don't care where we have to go," Smith said. "If we can get them and get them in jail for killing someone, or hurting someone, or committing a crime in our jurisdiction, if we can get them back in custody, and put them in jail, that's where they need to be."

A jealous ex-boyfriend is charged with gunning down a young teen and her friend in July. The day of the murders, police say the suspect --Xavier Adams -- gave them a phony alibi, and that's when they knew they had their guy. "They developed a suspect almost immediately," Smith said. "After talking to the suspect, they were able to get enough evidence and get enough information that he was charged with their murder and we have him in custody."

In September, Lawton Police caught a convicted murderer living in a house full of cocaine -- a stash worth $65,000 dollars to be exact. But they also discovered that Randy Young, Jr. -- who served time for shooting a man outside a Lawton nightclub in 1993 -- had stabbed someone at a nightclub just the night before the bust. "We cleared up assault with a deadly weapon, we got drugs off the street and got a bad guy off the street, and that's what matters," Smith said.

And this fall Lawton saw a rash of burglaries -- but just as quickly as they were happening, the police were throwing people behind bars. "We were able to clear in the neighborhood of 15 burglaries," Smith said. "And then the same thing happened again just recently. They cleared up around 11 burglaries over a period... And so you know, if we can keep putting them in jail, if they want to keep committing burglaries, we'll keep putting them in jail."

As for the few open cases they have as the year closes, Lawton Detectives are working with the FBI to solve two bank robberies -- one involving an armored car -- and they have about two more burglaries to solve, but Chief Smith says they're getting close.