UPDATE: Grass fire may have claimed man's life

Wichita Falls_A grassfire turned deadly and claimed the life of a Wichita Falls man.  Firefighters first responded to the call Thursday night at 10pm.  It started on an abandoned lot and quickly got out of control, but Friday morning they were called back out to extinguish some "hot spots".  That's when they found a man's body - 48 year old Donald Boling.  Wichita Falls Fire Marshal David Collins confirmed the positive ID Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities have yet to identify the body, but think he might have been living in the structure where they found him.  "We just had some hot spots that we were called to come back and just go through an overhaul process to make sure we didn't have a rekindling," says Wichita Falls Fire Marshal David Collins.  And, that's when they found much more than smoldering embers.

Collins says the unusual thing is that the shelter wasn't even burned.  "During the suppression operations, there was not indication that structure, that lean to, was even involved in the fire," he says.  But, the man was covered with burn marks and Collins says they were on a large percentage of the body.

They are still trying to determine how the man got into the shelter and what started the fire.  "We're not sure what exactly started it.  We just know that there was a lot of grass involved and discarded tires," Collins says.  Officials are still investigating the cause of the fire, but have ruled out arson.

The body is being sent to the Medical Examiner's Office to determine the exact cause of death and confirm his identity.  Count on 7News to keep you up to date on the investigation.